OSTON – I Think You Should Leave (Music Video)

OSTON is an absolute powerhouse pop writer and she continues to consistently prove her bundle of talent. And still, she seems to get better with each song and her newest “I Think You Should Leave” may very well be our favorite yet. Atop some bubbly, booming production, OSTON floats like a seasoned butterfly and shows off her beautiful wings with her swaggerful (I know I made up this word) flow in the process. It’s a beautiful way of saying “fuck off”, to a certain kind of self-centered person and everything OSTON embodies in this song furthers drives that point him. And coupled with the assisting visuals, it’s even more proof that OSTON is just having a stellar time on her own, without the type of people she’s singing about in this song. Take a trip in her world and watch full video through the link in our story!

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