Terry Presume
Did Me Wrong

As we always do, about a year ago we stumbled upon Nashville native Terry Presume just perusing through Soundcloud. He’d been uploading quite a bit of tunes, some very raw and not overly developed but Terry’s talent was obvious. We featured his song “Momma” last June on our Fashionably Early playlist and in the months to come, many more outlets and industry folk began to discover Terry. Leading to him ultimately inking a deal with the records side of September management and now Terry’s released his first official single through them! “Did Me Wrong” is a song that perfectly pairs both his singing and rapping talents, with a remarkably catchy hook that’s making this short song way too easy to keep on repeat. Im waiting in the wings with popcorn to see the endless new people and fans that will stumble upon this song and what’s to come, shocked by just how talented Terry’s voice and music truly is. Get hip now before you start seeing him everywhere

Produced By

Willie Breeding

Release Date

April 15, 2021


Nashville, TN

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