Sesame Girl
Get Up

A new dreamy indie pop band can surely help cure the case of the Mondays and Sesame Girl’s first ever single “Get Up” is stunning and just that. Released last week, this indie-pop banger features everything you need to lift your spirits. Washed-out and buoyant guitar chords find a natural home in this dreamy vintage-flavored cut, where Sesame Girl’s affinity for clever songwriting and strong vocal leads are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Heather Duncan’s voice is powerful yet dulcet, conveying an effortless and hypnotic melancholy that gets amplified even more by the band’s visual. Whether performing in a basement wearing cowboy hats, or in what appears to be a graveyard – Sesame Girl’s “Get Up” is a shining new track bursting at the seams with talent and charm. I’ll definitely be keeping this one in rotation until their next release.

Produced By

Sesame Girl

Release Date

April 14, 2021


Canberra, Australia

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