With the coronavirus vaccine slowly becoming more and more available, it’s time to start thinking about the tracks we’ll be playing when it’s safe to reunite with our friends once again – and Basco‘s newest song should definitely be on our shortlist. “WASSUP?” is the latest from a prolific new face, who’s already released over 10 different songs this year, many of which are living on Soundcloud only as Basic slowly gets better and stronger finds his sound. And it’s definitely in same lane as an artist like 1nonly who’s grown a big online fanbase and Basco is surely another similar talent that could be following right behind him.

“WASSUP?” features all the trappings of a summertime hip-hop banger. Booming percussion with polished kicks and snares? Classic jazzy-sample played alongside carefully crafted vocal layers? Check and check. “WASSUP?” is a testament to the idea that high energy and a creative spirit are vital to being a successful artist, and luckily Basco seems to be overflowing with both. A true classic summertime banger is a hard thing to come by, so keep your rotation and playlists from becoming stale with Basco’s new hit – or at least until his next banger drops.

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Release Date

April 9, 2021



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