aldn & glaive
what was the last thing u said

aldn made it pretty evident in 2020 that he had the talent and sound to be one of the premier faces of the hyperpop movement . aldn’s sound was never truly just hyperpop, it touches so many different genres but at the cusp of it, the new feeling is that is feels digital. And that’s supported by the video as it’s aldn glancing and reminiscing on a past relationship through a VR head. With all the pain and angst building up both visually and sonically. Luckily we have glaive to pop in, pick his brother out of the depressive mud with a proper “fuck that” leading his verse and some helpful words to get aldn to over “her”. This one’s been on absolute repeat and is going to really raise that aldn stock price fast.

Produced By


Release Date

April 21, 2021


Reston, VA

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