building a boat + where lucy said

London’s got another supreme talent to keep on your radar. aboynamedblu recently stumbled upon our radar with the release of his debut EP ALONE ON MOST DAYS and it’s full of alternative R&B and soft indie rock gems to get lost in. The whole EP is worth a deep dive but there’s three songs we wanted to highlight off it. ‘building a boat’ is the emotional opener to the EP, featuring an ambient soundscape and a moving vocal performance for a song written about the death of his manager. There’s ‘sadnight4rocknroll’, which kicks off as a stripped down acoustic tune and ends with a pivot to an immersive synthpop sound. And lastly, there’s arguably the best song on the project in ‘where lucy said’. The song’s giving me the same nostalgic indie-R&B feeling that dijon does and everything on this song really surpasses your expectations of it. This one feels like it has the legs to take things to the next level for aboynamedblu.

Stream the ALONE ON MOST DAYS EP below.

Produced By


Release Date

April 26, 2021


Cape Town, South Africa

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