papichuloteej’s home base is only a few desert hours away from the Overcast headquarters and from Teej taking some trips down, appearing in a couple Overcast music videos for other artists. It’s now time for the proper Teej debut on the in front of the Daniel Jordan K lens and it’s a doozy.

Leading the upcoming EP cycle is “Boyfriend” a song where Teej plots on making the transition from sidehoe to boyfriend, and winning some parents over in the process on this fun, perfect for summertime tune. From the point when the old boyfriend thought getting them both a hot dog with only ketchup was fine, it became evident that this relationship was just not going to work out. Thus, Teej to the rescue on this lush warm bop to run with the windows down.

Produced By

Danny Couture

Release Date

April 22, 2021


Las Vegas, NV

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