Love Being Used

This song’s over a year old, but thanks to Shrek Knows Raps and our friend Nishant putting us and others on, there’s already a few music nerds absolutely obsessed with a brand new voice out of Kenya. And her name’s tg.blk, a young soul with a Soundcloud page full of raps that show reverence towards Earl Sweatshirt and rappers of that ilk. And in the mix is this song “Love Being Used” that like a few others she has, shows off that not only does she have a captivating flow where each bar flows into the next beautifully but she’s also got some really melodic, vocal pipes. Kicking this song off with a sticky hook that immediately shows the range and how dynamically interesting her voice is, that works with her other flows of the song so damn well. It’s at the baby stages of tg.blk’s music career but it’s so obvious that she’s got some one of a kind tools in her arsenal to make a big splash in this music world.

Produced By

Bailey Daniel

Release Date

April 3, 2021



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