Beating Down Yo Block

There’s damn near a whole subgenre of energetic bad bitch anthems at this point. And it comes with a steady pipeline of new ladies with breakthrough hits like it looks like Monaleo will have with her new single “Beating Down Yo Block”. After going viral on Twitter over the weekend, the song has really been brewing like a nasty storm, sucking up all types of new fans in its path. That braggadocios energy sits so snugly on this dirty south beat, as the Houston native makes a grand entrance. With a phenomenal video to tie it all in, with YBN Jay Almighty randomly making a big cameo in the pink-fluffed scenery, this one’s got all the makings of a hit song and it’s on the beginning of its ascension. Let us put you in tune a little Fashionably Early as always and hit the link our story for the full video.

Produced By

Merion Krazy

Release Date

April 23, 2021


Houston, TX

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