Cannot Do

The most exciting hip-hop releases are not just the ones that have the biggest beats or flashiest bars – they’re the tracks that balance genre-pushing innovation with undeniable charisma. This is exactly what we got last Valentine’s Day with Boys Wear Pearls, the debut project from Nashville rapper/singer $avvy. Though Nashville isn’t necessarily known for its hip-hop scene, $avvy is a strong example as to why it should be, especially with his newest video for “Cannot Do”. Directed by The Vision, “Cannot Do” balances a monochrome color scheme with Arial Bold typography to produce something entirely unique.

Like the track it features, “Cannot Do” is minimalistic but full of carefully crafted artistry, featuring $avvy and his crew simply enjoying themselves in what appears to be an empty parking garage. The location doesn’t matter, however, as no matter where $avvy finds himself he still manages to deliver his fans consistently creative and boundary-breaking bangers. If you’re a fan of great music videos and hip-hop tracks that somehow are laid-back and full of energy, “Cannot Do” is a can’t-miss video for you. With more videos likely coming down the pipeline, it’s never a bad day being a fan of $avvy.

Produced By

Jared Hall & Elijah Watts

Release Date

April 23, 2021


Nashville, TN

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