DIRTYXAN‘s a name we’ve playlisted and had an eye on since he started to gain momentum in 2020. We’ve been lacking on getting to an official post but his latest release ‘BLOOD DIAMONDS’ absolutely needed to be highlighted. DIRTYXAN handled all aspects of this new heater that will have your adrenaline pumping at max capacity. The simplistic grungy beat has pounding 808s and simple hi-hats but it lays the perfect foundation for the subdued verses and the absolute vicious chorus. This type of grungy, metal hip-hop is starting to bubble out of the underground thanks to some social media trends and it feels like DIRTYXAN could become the face of the sound. With upwards of 350k monthly listeners, it sure feels like he is on his way.

Stream ‘BLOOD DIAMONDS’ below.

Produced By


Release Date

April 30, 2021


Denver, CO

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