Lil Heart Eyes – trust you

As hyperpop continues to make marks in more mainstream spaces, it is inevitable that we’ll start seeing more artists popping up every week in the space. Lil Heart Eyes has been releasing music since 2019 but they’ve recently made a pivot to hyperpop and their new self titled EP has some songs worthy of your attention on it. The project is only three songs deep but two of them really stick out. ‘trust you’ is a favorite for me, with an atmospheric soundscape to it and more of a trap influence while still occupying the hyperpop space. ‘wish i never met you’ feels more up the traditional hyperpop sound sonically and the performance has a nice energy to it. There’s definitely some sharpening up to do, but Lil Heart Eyes voice definitely cuts through, which is one of the most important elements to me for hyperpop.

Stream the Lil Heart Eyes EP below.

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