Batman n Robin

Tik Tok’s done it again, and is now helping push Virginia up and comer Showjoe to the next level but this didn’t all happen overnight and Showjoe’s always had a penchant towards really rallying people and listeners around him. We even caught wind of Showjoe back in 2019 when he was making a splash on Soundcloud, but now the music and overall product is leaps and bounds better as well.

The 18-year-old’s catalogue is littered with versatility, but on “Batman n Robin” Showjoe proves once again that he can make melodic trap with the best of them. With his own hand on production and help from super producer Supahmario, Showjoe knows where he wants to take his sound and has all the tools to bring it to the top. Pairing this with an already polished media presence on Instagram, and it becomes surprising that he’s just now starting to see this kind of traction. Get in tune now and knowing Showjoe‘s work ethic, stay strapped in for plenty of hits this year.

Produced By

Supah Mario

Release Date

April 29, 2021


Reston, VA

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