Arthur Caplan, Stephen Dawes & hyejin
For All I Care

This song is one of the dopest collabs I have ever heard in my life and let me explain just why that is. My fellow future classmates Arthur Caplan, Stephen Dawes, and Abby Choi (hyejin) all applied to the Clive Davis program at NYU and got accepted. They all scoured social media to find fellow classmates and found each other. They then created this beautiful summer jam 100% virtually through Zoom sessions. If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will.

The song itself is a coming of age anthem produced by the man Arthur Caplan featuring great verses from Dawes backed by hyejin’s angelic voice. The song represents our stifled senior year, it also represents our resilience and desire to live a free life that’s within arms reach. Everyone plays their part on this song, these three mesh together so well I’m surprised they haven’t already formed a band yet. Excited to see what is to come from these three young, talented artists. The talent is there as well as the drive to make super good music. Listen to this summertime banger right now!!

Produced By

Arthur Caplan

Release Date

April 30, 2021


New York, NY

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