Heyo, the person who sent you this wants you to know that Cybertrash’s newest single “west” is something you should check out. With only four genreless tracks under his belt, “west” is Cybertrash’s second single this year – subverting his style into something more slow-paced and hazy. The mix features steady guitar melodies that find their home alongside distorted percussion and muddy vocals on this off-kilter composition. It’s almost as if “west” is the secret lovechild of Radiohead and Blood Orange, with a dash of Choker thrown in there for good measure that’s found in his uniquely pitched-down vocal tone. Cybertrash’s writing is earnest and compelling, detailing a love that may be reaching its untimely end. Though the past year has already taken us through an emotional rollercoaster, “west” is a good reminder that it’s okay to appreciate a broad range of emotion in our music. Check out “west” before Cybertrash is on your screen a lot more often.

Produced By

elijah cruz & cybertrash

Release Date

May 3, 2021


Atlanta, GA

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