Coming in from Rochester, New York, ISHMAEL hits the Fashionably Early stacks once again, dropping the raps from his name that we originally knew him by and delivering with his highly energetic music video for new song “Problems.” ISHMAEL really dives in to a lot of creativity in both the song and music video which has definitely been a staple of his artistry so far. The music video opens up with a hilarious infomercial styled skit for a product that with the press of the button you can have someone’s ass beat on-demand – which rolls nicely into the song’s chorus about not wanting problems with ISHMAEL.

Between the general humor, personality, and creativity through the video, ISHMAEL keeps the energy at a blazing pace through the song with multiple flows, vocal effect changes, and sped up club-ready clap tracks to keep the track full of life for the 2:30 run time. ISHMAEL is definitely finding his groove and it’s easy to see how his style and personality could and will catch on in a major way, so if “Problems” is your first introduction to ISHMAEL, consider yourself early!

Produced By


Release Date

April 2, 2021


Rochester, NY

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