The Start

BRICK! just released his first official single this month, but he’s already well-versed and well-worked within the industry. Maybe you know him by SuperDuperBrick, or as SuperDuperKyle’s DJ, or maybe you know his production work, on songs for Kyle as well as Baby Keem, Kehlani and a bulk of others. Or you may have even watched a video he’s directed; well you will now at least with the visuals to that aforementioned single “The Start”

This undeniable summertime hit displays a sonic juxtaposition of a positive and upbeat melody that somehow leaves the listener in a reminiscent and calm state. The artist effortlessly tells his story of young love, and the unique delivery is what keeps this song on repeat. “The Start,” directed by BRICK! and Elliot Sellers incorporates smooth transitions, a west coast aesthetic, and small subtleties that keep you hitting replay to try and pick up hidden messages. This is just the very beginning of what’s to come, as the song title even conveys, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for what’s next!

Produced By


Release Date

May 7, 2021


Long Beach, California

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