Silly Little Head

Personifying his inner demons, Easeupkid introduces us to the overwhelming anxieties of love that occupy his headspace on “Silly Little Head”.

The 20-year-old Minneapolis native has been making music for the past year under the alias Easeupkid as an ode to the indie rock band Hippo Campus.“Silly Little Head”, his second single of 2021, has all the elements to create the perfect emo-pop cut, from ominous vocals joined by a delicate chord progression, Easeupkid delivers the ultimate post-breakup track. With so much to unpack in just under three minutes, it’s easy to get lost in the vibe of the track and forget the narrative behind it. Closer attention to the lyrics reveals Easeupkid’s meticulous storytelling and songwriting ability. 

With massive potential exuding from “Silly Little Head”, it’s hard not to be excited for what Easeupkid has up his sleeve for future releases.

Produced By


Release Date

June 1, 2021


Minneapolis, MN

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