Aaron Taos & Hadji Gaviota
I Ain't Over You

Both Hadji Gaviota and Aaron Taos aren’t new names to us. We’ve been following both of them for a bulk of their journeys in music so it’s glamorous and amazing to see them both shining together and sounding better than ever on this new song “Ain’t Over You”.

Both tri-state natives have a sound that’s got some pop in it at its core, but can dabble in all different types of pockets. Here they hop on the same page, that tells the story of trying to let go of a past flame and move on. So thankfully the music video gives us Dr. Gaviota living up to his “World’s Best Therapist” medal and talking Aaron off a ledge.

Produced By

Frans Mernick

Release Date

May 25, 2021


Guildford, CT

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