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Another week is knocked out in 2021 and we’ve got another incredible discovery for you to get your ears on. We don’t have much information on Gabriella Zauna besides the fact that she has a handful of songs released starting in December 2019. Her first drop of 2021 is ‘damn i love the rain’ and this one is so special. The instrumentation is stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and some washed out rain sounds but that’s all this song needs. Gabriella’s voice just absolutely sprawls out over this one, creating a truly atmospheric feeling with her soft voice. This is just one of those songs that we stumble upon and know that there’s something different here. It feels like Gabriella’s so much further along compared to her current four song catalog and we’re completely tapped in for what’s to come from the talent.

Watch the video for ‘damn i love the rain’ above or stream the song below.

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