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Nashville native Boon became a quick Fashionably Early favorite last year, and now with the next stage of his career kicking off, he had to remind everyone of the talent he possesses on his latest release “Name”. A fusion of hard rock and experimental pop with a drop that shakes you to your core, Boon doesn’t ever want to see you again. 

Fat drums and gritty guitars collide effortlessly furthering the narrative that Boon’s creative potential is not to be taken lightly. Tracks of this caliber are typically products of years upon years of experience, but the self-produced 18-year-old makes creating a banger like this look real easy.

If you think the song alone is hard, the music video will leave you speechless. Quick cuts, movie-like storytelling, and an engaging display of personality, boon once again flexes his creative excellence.

Produced By


Release Date

June 9, 2021


Nashville, TN

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