Ayleen Valentine
i dont wanna say goodbye

It’s currently a sunny Saturday afternoon while I write this, but that doesn’t mean a beautifully sad song can’t get me in my feels. That feeling’s been sent from Miami native and current Berklee School of Music student Ayleen Valentine.

Her dreamy vocal tone has already seen some success in the lo-fi world, as she’s worked with the likes of Powfu and Sarcastic Sounds, but Ayleen has a gripping sound of her own as she blissfully describes with her brand new song “I dont wanna say goodbye”.

Of course, it’s a breakup tune but it’s how raw, passionate and emotional Ayleen makes this one feel atop minimal, sad, guitar chords. This song’s been stuck on repeat so go on and join me!

Produced By

Ayleen Valentine

Release Date

June 4, 2021


Miami, FL

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