If I were to make a Mount Rushmore of the best artists I’ve found since embarking on my journey writing for music discovery blogs, no spot would be as certain as Cosette’s.

After releasing her debut “Gameboy” earlier this year, the Nashville singer-songwriter returns this week with another dreamy and hypnotic offering for her hungry fans. “Alone” is Cosette‘s newest release of 2021 – a brief but emotive meditation on an intoxicating love over one of the most ethereal mixes I’ve heard this year. From “Alone”‘s dense vocal layering and spacey ambiance, this is the perfect time for both time alone or with a significant other. Above all, this new track was produced, written, and performed entirely by Cosette herself.

She has five more tracks on the horizon, and these releases will eventually culminate with the release of her second EP in November (fingers crossed it’s called “Gameboy Color”. With an endless stream of ingenuity and innovation coming from the young Nashville creative, Cosette is definitely making a strong case for 2021 being her year.

Produced By


Release Date

June 11, 2021


Nashville, TN

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