Derro – Trenches (Music Video)

Fresh off a 4 year bid, Derro is ready to claim his seat at the table as one of Atlanta’s most promising rising talents. Derro actually hails from Griffin, GA – a refreshing difference with how saturated Atlanta’s hip-hop scene always has been. His newest song & music video “Trenches” has all the essential components of an aspiring rapper maintaining the energy of their first day out – equal parts acknowledgement and exoneration.

There’s a natural build up throughout “Trenches”. At first, it starts with him expressing his exhaustion through his delivery. Bar after bar on the hook he says, “I’m tired…” about certain aspects of his reality; then that energy shifts the first time he croons, “they need to let me off parole!” Instead, he absolves himself because choosing to live this way not only garnered him a fan base but also made the people closest to him proud. There’s almost a noticeable crescendo that accompanies how unapologetic his tone becomes as Derro reflects on his life throughout his first verse.
Check out “Trenches” below. Find yourself wanting to hear more Derro? “Head First” & “Truth” are definitely worthy additions to your rotation.

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