She Loves Boon
gigi / sunlight

Queens native She Loves Boon is the prime example of a Fash alum, that began when I came across him just beginning of Boon’s journey of figuring out the music thing in 2018 when he released a song called “Survive”.

He’s come a good bit since then and is really getting more comfortable in what his sound is and how to keep consistently improving it and he can come around and drop a song that sounds like no one expected as he’s done with this new song “gigi / sunlight”. It’s a two-parter and you get the Boon you expect a little more on the second half but it’s that unforgettable, pitched up first part that especially won’t leave my cranium.

The song just has that energy and feeling to it that’s contagious and fun, that Boon tapped into with the inner circle Astoria production help of loe4t and Hadji Gaviota to put this one all together. Get hooked to this one.

Produced By

loe4t & Hadji Gaviota

Release Date

June 16, 2021


Queens, NY

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