Ed Axel

Ed Axel establishes his own lane on “BRUTUS” a high-energy punk track the Pennsylvania native has been working on for the past year and has finally debuted to the world.

Channeling the theme of death and the afterlife, Ed flexes his poetic storytelling throughout the track. While working on this song Ed lost his best friend Cole, and from then on finishing it felt as if his energy stayed with him even after his passing, making the song some sort of unexplainable supernatural force.

The visuals seal the deal on this track, unique shots, a strong display of aesthetics, and movie-like editing make it feel as if you’re watching a documentary about Ed’s life. The grunge look and feel creates a personal connection with the video and song itself, as it dramatically comes to an end.

Produced By

Ed Axel & Jack Griffith

Release Date

June 25, 2021


Los Angeles, CA

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