Lei Dominique
You Know

With only four singles to her name, you may want to add Lei Dominique to your library before the bandwagon starts. As if being from Chicago wasn’t enough to convince you that she’s destined for stardom; or the fact that she has her hands in the fashion industry, being both a model and having her own clothing brand, or even the fact that she’s already set to perform on the Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash 2021 lineup, then maybe her single, “You Know” will.

The track, like most of her music follows a distinct pattern. Going from a very melodic delivery directly into an effortless, more candid delivery where she’s almost talking more than singing. The contrast of delivery, infused with the relaxed ambiance and heavy bass of the track make for a picturesque single. Throughout the track, we’re given a sense that Lei is no stranger to love, and she’s not afraid to lay it all on the line for her partner. Nevertheless, even her wanting to “go the long way” and “upgrade” and “invest” into her partner, hints that she’s been hurt in the past. She suggests that once she puts herself out there for her partner, they might let it get the best of them. Although the song is just shy of 3 minutes, it highlights the sort of turbulence many relationships endure. Lei’s emotions throughout the song range from having a sense of optimism towards this new situation, to then battling with feelings of over-commitment, while also trying to take it easy (we’ve all been there).

“You Know” is just a glimpse into what Lei Dominique can bring to the music world, although it is her only release of 2021 thus far, expect more great things to come from the talented Chicago creative.

Produced By

Upper Reality & Chris Ray

Release Date

February 11, 2021


Chicago, IL

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