Domenic Haynes

Last month Domenic Haynes released his single “Crazy,” resurfacing for the first time since late 2020, that’s been getting some moderate attention from other outlets and doesn’t help to have the Human Re Sources team backing it. Now today the Tampa, FL native has gifted us and dropped a dream like visual that creates a frozen-in-time feeling to pair with the tune.

“Crazy” is extremely introspective, and while there’s a lightheartedness that’s conveyed, there is a sort of numbness that Haynes is expressing at its core. There is a sense that even though he has hopeful desires, he is aware of the reality he will face.

His raspier baritone vocals paired with distinct falsettos is what gives this track that smooth, soulful blues energy. “Crazy” is a funky and eclectic jam that is perfect for any new-age R&B playlist, a certified no skip. Step into Domenics brain space and go experience “Crazy,” a pristine exhibition of vulnerability from an artist with a world of potential.

Produced By

Guy Furious, Alissia Benveniste & Charlie Myles

Release Date

May 14, 2021


Tampa, FL

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