Hatesonny’s been a favorite of ours for a bit but the Chicago native took another leap in the past couple months, from a very unexpected source.

Some wonderful internet soul took Hatesonny’s 2020 song “KILL BILL”, pitched the song up a few octaves and added the “Let me tell you right know ‘for you give it up” Kanye sample from “On Sight” to the beginning of it, which steadily made inroads amongst the “alt-tik tok” community and then became a go-to sound to twerk to on the platform that even had Rico Nasty shaking cheeks to it. And that gave life to the original version of the song too, that’s literally a day away from cracking a million streams on Spotify.

To make sure you really don’t miss and sleep on this one before the next era of Hatesonny begins, we’ve got some fitting energetic visuals to accompany the undoubtable banger to share. Interweaving the pitched up version with the original at the beginning, this video truly cements how fucking hard this song is, with beautiful nods to the movie that inspired the title of the song in perfect form.

Produced By

Por Vida

Release Date

June 23, 2021


Chicago, IL

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