Richie Quake

Richie Quake’s EP “Voyager” gives euphoria a whole new meaning. As the EP’s main writer, producer, and instrumentalist, Richie takes us on a trip through his innermost thoughts, trials, and tribulations. Fusing punk elements with psychedelic soundscapes the Brooklyn-based artist is few and far between.

Richie truly is a voyager as he navigates through all the natural human emotions throughout the EP in such great fashion. Each track is filled with compelling storytelling over carefully constructed instrumentals channeling the perfect psych-rock feel. Quake embarks on an introspective journey with tracks “Waiting For Your Turn To Speak” and “Rush” tackling the pressing conflict of conversation and self-identity, Richie is as vulnerable as it gets.

Between the lush vocals, hazy electric guitars, and spacy synths, Richie Quake creates the perfect vibe for a relaxing summer. With so much to love in a mere 6 song EP, it truly speaks to Quake’s innate ability to produce beautiful music at the highest level. This is only the beginning of what Richie Quake has to offer so better get familiar with him and the sound he is developing now.

Produced By

Andreas Stavropolis, Chedda, Frank Corr, Izzy Perri, Morning Silk & Richie Quake

Release Date

June 30, 2021


New York, NY

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