Road Hog

It’s pretty uncommon that we feature tracks like this one on Fashionably Early, but you can bet that like all of our new finds, it’s guaranteed to be a banger. And it’s pretty uncommon for L.A.-via-St. Louis artist Pritty to even make in your face punk songs like his latest single “Road Hog”. And being close to hometown friend Dylan Brady is sure to lend to making absolutely unpredictable music, as Pritty’s back catalogue attests too, touching genres from grunge to rock, to hip-hop, to hyperpop and beyond.

The genre-bending and abrasive new track is just the tip of the iceberg but now we see Pritty’s sheer affinity for songwriting flourish over a heavy punk-rock mix.”Road Hog” is the perfect banger to add to your rotation as events start to open up and moshpits make their eventual return. With more music likely slated for 2021, Pritty is definitely an artist to keep on your radar as the summer progresses.

Produced By

Dylan Brady

Release Date

June 18, 2021


St. Louis, MO

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