Ever since the legendary Hadji Gaviota put us on and it became all we played as well, we’ve been eager to hear what’s next for New York duo Bathe. They’ve made an early impression but there’s still too many clueless ears that need this music they’re about to drop on us.

Bathe have carved their own lane with their brand of “Surf R&B,” and “Sundress” falls right into that sweet spot, sounding like a picturesque summer date with your toes in the sand. The self written, recorded, and produced single oozes musical touches, through the addicting bass guitar lines, airy and agile melodies, and layers of beautiful analog instruments, all of which have been major staples of Bathe’s sound. The real brilliance of Bathe is that they don’t rely on the “vibe” as a crutch – all sections of the song are polished to a fine shine, from vocal deliveries, to production, to songwriting – everything easily complements the piece next to it. Bathe have curated every level of their music up to this point, from audio to visual to their creative direction.

The music video adds the perfect touch to visually accompany the airy and breezy single. The video takes the viewer on a trip with a group of friends as a summer romance starts to bloom amongst two of the characters. The video looks to be shot on film, giving those perfect imperfections, muted colors, and grainy-ness to add to the heavy vibes of summer memories.

Produced By


Release Date

July 7, 2021


Brooklyn, NY

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