Jonah Zed

As the summer season slowly becomes ushered in, many of us are flocking outside in an optimistic triumph over the past year’s quarantine season. Though many of our weekly rotations are probably full of cheery and summery songs to complement these happy days, there still exists a need for the moody late-night banger. You know the type – heavy bass signals, rattling hi-hats, and vocal layers so dense it feels like you’re wading knee-deep through them. If your rotation is looking a little light, look no further than Jonah Zed’s newest single “Moonshot” – his third release of 2021.

Sounding like some harmonious mixture of Saint Jhn and PLAZA, the self-proclaimed “producer turned multi-genre songwriter/artist” makes his triumphant return this week with the perfect bop for your late-night drive. His vocals are perfectly polished with his signature low-fidelity register, a sound so infectious that you’ll be sure to keep this on repeat for the time being. With more music likely on the horizon this year, Jonah Zed is certainly an artist to keep on your radar.

Produced By

Prettyboyron, Nick Cassidy & Goodjoblari

Release Date

July 3, 2021


Toronto, Canada

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