dumb dumb

This new song “dumb dumb” from mazie is only her 4th release but the small catalog is all roided up, especially with musical magician Elie Rizk handling the production of it all and doing something absolutely mental again on this new song.

Elie co-produced Bella Poarch’s smash “Build a Bitch” and like on that song, “dumb dumb” sees the vocals and production playing off of each other way better than you’d typically hear it. Just hit play on this one and you’ll get the gist once that unforgettable hook pops in. It has a childlike feel to it, but that’s part of what makes it so damn memorable. The production packs a counter melody that works with Mazie’s topline together to form a perfect tandem like Frog & Toad did in those books.

Paired with some colorful visuals, this is a beautiful place to start to grasp onto mazie’s entire aesthetic if you’re not already familiar with her!

Produced By

Elie Rizk

Release Date

July 8, 2021


Baltimore, MD

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