Chicago based plainfacedgirl is on the site today with an infectious little single “NBTB,” which could fall into the hyperpop category but has heavy touches of traditional pop and plenty of DIY/bedroom pop aesthetics. The whole package of the video is very lush, with the scattering electronic production, plainfacedgirl’s textured vocals, and the left-of-center webcam and green screen music video gives you a dive into the world that plainfacedgirl is creating.

The song is catchy, fun, flirty, and has a lot of that DIY energy that gives plainfacedgirl a lot of room to run with. Against the rest of her releases, this is a step away from the expected, but if there’s one thing that’s starting to become really clear about plainfacedgirl is that she is playing by her own rules and crafting her world her way, and there’s always something endearing about watching an artist take full creative control.

Produced By


Release Date

July 7, 2021


Chicago, IL

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