40 Wishes

Somber guitars, wet drums, and a memorable vocal delivery make up “40 Wishes”, a return of cultgabe to our pages with another beautifully melancholic display. The San Diego, California native doesn’t have too much music to his name, and he’s still coming into his own but things he does well he absolutely excels at.

The slightly pitched-up vocals are the driving force on this track, done so tastefully they work perfectly alongside the instrumental while remaining the focal point of the song. In this post-breakup love letter, cultgabe reminisces on the time spent with a past lover. Divulging all kinds of emotions, he leaves nothing on the table in an attempt to redeem himself for the relationship’s altercation. If the song alone wasn’t enough, the music videos’ gloomy movie-like visuals capture the bleak essence of the track flawlessly.

cultgabe’s discography is shaping up to be a consistent library so we’d advise you to be a fan now rather than having to try and catch up later.

Produced By


Release Date

July 13, 2021


San Diego, CA

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