Dominic Scott
The Thrill

New Orleans isn’t as widely recognized as a hotbed for musical talent these days but its lineage is rich. Even if it’s not being covered as much as it should, it doesn’t mean there isn’t gold still left in the cracks, or just a little hidden from plain sight. Like the stylings of 23-year-old Dominic Scott, whose infectious alternative R&B sound will have you hitting replay time and time again.

Dominic doesn’t need much time to get his message across in this synth-induced new ballad, telling the tale of a head-over-heels fantasy accurately titled, “The Thrill”. Prominent vocals are at the forefront of this track, showcasing his natural ability while excellently combining iterations of R&B, pop, and hip-hop. For that girl that’s only in it for the fling, here’s some theme music.

He’s already collaborated with a lot of New Orleans’ finest, from Pell and PJ Morton to Ambré but it’s definitely time for Dominic to catch some mass appeal of his.

Produced By


Release Date

July 2, 2021


New Orleans, LA

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