Lucca Dohr
Winter's Coming

19-year-old artist Lucca Dohr is only releasing his first song of the year here but he’s already looking a couple seasons ahead with “Winter’s Coming”. While taking a knock at his first attempt at a true Pop record with the new release, he also found time to edit and design the music video for the single. There are a lot of firsts this year for Dohr, with this being his first song with a outside collaborator: Atlantic Records’s Ben Chandler, who helped write and produce the record with Lucca. Fans of a few Chandler’s collaborators (Dominic Fike, ALX, Tobias Dray) will appreciate Dohr’s introduction into the world of Pop music.

Dohr takes a big step forward in this new one that sounds more primed and polished than his prior music. The track has a clear and catchy melody that the Pop genre favors, while surrounding his vocals with simple instrumentation that is common in most Indie sub-genres. The “little guitar line” gives this track room to breathe, and lets us get lost in Lucca’s message of allowing himself indulge in the uncertainties that love can bring.

For an artist who’s talented enough to explore the upbeat side of Pop, in addition to giving us songs to cry to with “Alexa” and “Loosh98”, we’re excited for what’s to come from Lucca Dohr.

Produced By

Ben Chandler & Lucca Dohr

Release Date

July 16, 2021


Los Angeles, CA

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