Draft Day

Atlanta artist Draft Day kicks off his Concrete Records campaign with his single “DIE BOUT MINE.” Signing to Lil Yachty’s label makes a lot of sense once you press play, where the production and lyrical style fits right in with what could be expected from a Yachty single. While the comparison is fair, it doesn’t tell the whole story for Draft Day. His 2019 tape “First Round Pick” shows promise that Draft Day can solidify his own take on the current sounds and helped make a name for himself within the Atlanta music circles.

“DIE BOUT MINE” is one of those easy listens that wiggle their way into your memory, begging for a second and third play. While it isn’t about to smack you in the face as this larger than life rap song, it’s got plenty of steam to keep it in rotation.

Produced By


Release Date

July 17, 2021


Atlanta, GA

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