Star Roof

Since hearing his second full length project Daytime Television last year, I’ve made sure stay in tune for everything and anything that Pryce has to offer the masses. And man, what an offering his newest single “Star Roof” is. Inspired by a late night conversation with his friends underneath the stars in Maui, everything from the tropical island keys to the lyrics on “Star Roof” parallel this memory of his.

When you hear artists like Pryce, you try your best to pinpoint their inspiration or even put a label on their sound. But sometimes it just is what is. Nothing more, nothing less.

My sound is simple. I respond to the music. Its free. It’s just who I am. I don’t have an arbitrary answer for you I just do what I feel.

The video for “Star Roof” parallels his approach towards music. Just an alarmingly talented guy catching a vibe and doing what he feels. Fortunately for us, Pryce promises there’s plenty more in store to wrap up 2021 – from singles to EPs and potentially even an album.

Run up “Star Roof” immediately & take a listen to his summer 2020 project Daytime Television.

Produced By

Inigo Sane & Troy Taylor

Release Date

July 16, 2021


Atlanta, GA

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