Butterfly Doors

Onlybino!’s been going crazy this entire year and seeing his incredible progress from when we first had him as a favorite add on our playlist in February has been a joy to watch.

As much as it gets overshadowed by Tik Tok and Spotify especially these days, Soundcloud is still so damn important and in someone like Onlybino!’s case, he’s been able to start his cult fanbase from there with consistency and bangers and that excellence is starting to leak out onto other platforms and the world beyond, because this Florida kid is just that good.

Take a peek at his newest drop “Butterfly Doors” expeditiously. Bino shows off an otherworldly fluidity as it just sounds so easy for him to float vocally on this. Coupled with the range in his voice and a really easy to love vocal tone, we cannot be more excited for what the future is sure to hold for him. If you’re not paying attention, politely wake your ass up.

Produced By


Release Date

July 26, 2021


Broward County, FL

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