Nappi Devi

It is becoming increasingly popular to veer off the comfortable path in pursuit of something uniquely you, and this quick-witted Detroit local is an embodiment of the aforementioned. Welcome to the world of Nappi Devi, a traditional bar-heavy lyricist whose non-traditional sound caught our ears over at Fash.

Nappi comes correct with Buffoonery, a punchy and direct tune that couples clever punchlines and a cutthroat chorus; the perfect single to drop in preparation for his debut EP. Unlike the majority of his catalog, this song is very up-tempo, letting us tap into another side of the midwest artist. The unorthodox production gives Nappi the ability to showcase his versatility, proving his above-par talent.

Ryan Detroit perfectly represents the cadence of Buffoonery, putting together a simple yet extremely satisfying visual to pair with the track. The choppy-framed and fish-eye lens heavy edits are paired flawlessly, accurately depicting the feeling you get when listening. Go screen “Buffoonery” and give yourself a preview of what is to come.

Produced By


Release Date

July 23, 2021


Detroit, MI

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