Burning Bridges

New York-based all-around creative Yellowtechnica drops his first single of his artist career with a smooth retro drenched track, “Burning Bridges”. Yellowtechnica is no stranger to music, producing and DJing for multiple years, but with the release of this single, this is the first step into releasing music, and it’s clear that Yellowtechnica is launching into this new lane with a strong vision for his art.

The single and the video lean heavily into the retro vibes, as we follow Yellowtechnica in a suspenseful music video, accurately set in the times of when Burning Bridges might have fit perfectly into the sounds of the era. Synths and drum machines give off plenty of odes to 70’s and 80’s pop hits while Yellowtechnica’s vocals are layered and filtered to stand in a half-instrument, half-vocal performance light. With additional production credited to Keith Charles, it’s clear that Yellowtechnica has his own strong vision for his music and is finding collaborators with similar highly curated eyes and ears to help bring it to life.

Produced By

Yellowtechnica & KeithCharles

Release Date

July 30, 2021


New York, NY

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