Izzy Miyake

For us to continue to be the best at discovery, we’ve got to spotlight talent even in its infancy/baby stages. It’s like we can already see that this kid has the tools to make it to the big time, now with the right mentorship and help, that potential can leak expand and leak out into the world.

Izzy Miyake is a name I stumbled upon on Soundcloud a few months ago and just from hearing his Soundcloud-only song “SOHO”, it was evident that he was different. There’s a different feeling and contagious energy you catch from that song and everything else the newcomer has touched, like his new banger “Expiration”.

Atop an absolute thumper of a beat from Fish, the man that’s been behind a lot of BIGBABYGUCCI’s success, Izzy gives us a pack of lush, hazy melodies to immerse yourself in. It’s one of those hooks that’ll be caught in your head all week, do yourself the favor and let us put you on first.