Samuel Petra
Nobody More

We wouldn’t be called ‘Fashionably Early’ if we weren’t known for keeping our ears to the ground, right? There are definitely downsides to having your ear glued to the pavement, but there are a fair amount of silver linings as well – One of which comes in the form of this new Samuel Petra video you’re watching now. Fresh from the release of his 2021 EP “Floodlight Fever”, the young alt-pop prodigy returns this week with a video for his new single “Nobody More”. It’s hard to describe why I’ve kept this video on repeat all day – but I think it has to do with the unique combination of high-energy visuals and dope as fuck music.

“Nobody More” sounds like a garage-pop banger that they would play at the end of a teen movie in the early 2000s. You know the type – the guy gets the girl, the day is saved, and now they’re all eating Dunkaroo’s and fist-pumping at a school dance. Synthesizing his clear affinity for infectious songwriting with his unique nostalgic-yet-modern alt-pop style, Samuel Petra should be an instant favorite for anybody who *checks notes* likes great music. I’ll be keeping an eye on him moving forward, and I recommend you do the same.

Produced By

Samuel Petra

Release Date

August 12, 2021


Alicante, Spain

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