Kay Flock – Is Ya Ready (Music Video)

Like Brooklyn has the duo Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow, the Bronx has Kay Flock and Dougie B and associates making some big noise, with an even more aggressive form of New York drill.

With an energy that’s tough to match, Kay Flock has been making more and more of a name for himself with each release. In the classic NY drill style, we hear bad-mouthing of any and everything and plenty of “grrrr” and “BOW” adlibs that only add to the track’s personality. With bass that slaps harder than a loaded chopped cheese to cure a hangover, and Kay Flock’s chilling delivery paired with sinister wordplay, “Is Ya Ready” is truly a song you don’t want to miss.

Complimentary to the track, the visuals showcase Kay Flock and his boys turning up and flexing all in the same location, further proving his intrinsic ability to entertain. “Is Ya Ready” is already up over 100k on YouTube in less than 24 hours, with a whole lot of support stemming from the Bronx and New York but that infectious energy is starting to connect across the world too. With Kay Flock’s trajectory it’s only a matter of time before he’s the next big thing, so why not be early to the party?

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