This isn’t the first time we’ve covered míra and it certainly won’t be your last time hearing from him. Earlier this year we got a glimpse into his now-released project ‘Auburn Bleach’ with singles “Fireworks” and “Honda”, which both proved to be more than worthy coming of age anthems. And another standout in the style of coming age anthems, comes this new standout track “April” that packs all the bells and whistles you need but with a hook that sounds like it took steroids.

míra always pens with precision in his diary-esque writing style, but what sets “April” apart is the stickiness of the hook: It’s summery and sounds dreamy – both prerequisites for an indie pop hit, but it’s also got the intangibles – it swallows you into it’s own little world and proves it deserves more than a few listens. Dive into Auburn Bleach, the perfect album to sunset your summer.