Elko – Dishonest

Elko’s not a new name to us and shouldn’t be to you. The Toronto based artist really started to gain momentum last year with the release of his project Love Was The Reason. They have been keeping busy so far in 2021, releasing a handful of singles and teaming up with the wonderful people at Soul Serum for some videos. This has all built into their second project PAINKILLER TWILIGHT, which has a notable new song ‘Dishonest’ that we are highlighting today. Elko‘s sound really merges alternative and emo rap very well and ‘Dishonest’ is a shining sample of that. In a growing music world that blurs genres and focuses more on moods & scenes, there’s a bustling audience for Elko‘s music and his distinct voice helps the music really cut through.

Watch the video above or stream the song below.

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