Igwe Aka – Mitchell Flow (Music Video)

You ever just sit and watch the ripples in water as it flows downstream? There’s an unexplainable beauty in it, just the same way their is when a rapper has such a fluid, effortless sounding flow like Sacramento native Igwe Aka has.

He’s been releasing music consistently since 2017 and that time effort and patience has built into one of the coldest rappers you’re going to come across. He has the type of feeling that will have you guessing on what’s coming next, because no two tracks feel or sound the same. “Mitchell Flow” being the latest as he boasts an akin and natural cadence with rap as ever word he utters feels so under thought and ever-flowing but so fitting and smooth.

Igwe’s already been on a tear of amazing releases in 2021 and it’s bound to continue to grow, it only takes a minute of your time to listen in and you’ll get it too.

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