Masati – See Through

The feeling of stumbling across an artist that seems to be so far ahead of their time is a feeling that I simply can’t put into words. I felt that way after my 20 consecutive listens of Masati’s new single “See Through”.

Masati delivers a melancholic tale filled to the brim with the substance, and vulnerability that many feel is absent within the R&B landscape. Throughout the beginning of the track, we can see that there is a relationship that’s being held onto by threads, both parties know that it’s far beyond repair, but they’re having trouble seeing where they went wrong. As the track progresses Masati does eventually recognize that to be the best version of himself, he has to stand alone. Nevertheless, this song is centered around abandoning a toxic situation, and by the end of the song you can sense that Masati is still craving some sort of closure.

It’s refreshing to see an artist so invested in their craft, Masati writes his own songs, is an adept multi-instrumentalist, and even has a production credit on fellow Dallas native Kaash Paige’s “SOS”. So, keep Masati on your radar, I’m certain this won’t be the last time you hear about the rising R&B artist.

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